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[age] 24
[previous characters] n/a.

[series] The Crazies (Remake)
[full name] Russell Clank
[age] Never officially stated, but I would say early 30s.
[gender] Male, phsyically and mentally.
[canon point] Post Movie.
[reference] here
[personality] Russell is a good guy, overall. He's loyal to Sheriff David Dutten and wants to help people. He didn't become the deputy for nothing. He does have an unfortunate rash streak to him, though. He rushes into situations with little forethought sometimes and he can also have a bit of a short temper. He's also got quite a foul mouth on him.

From things we learned in the movie, he might have a bit of a wild side. He tells David once that he's 'all for a little civil disobedience', but points out that what David's doing may cost him his job. It shows he's got some sense about of course he's willing to ignore it for David, who he's got a close friendship with and respect for.

Another thing we learned is that he seems to love fishing, mentioning a 'monster catfish' he caught that was about thirty-five, forty pounds. He's awfully proud of that thing and it's one of the things he thinks back on when he's succumbing to Trixie.

He mentions when he realizes he could be infected with Trixie that he knows he's nothing big, but he had plans. He doesn't mention what these plans are, but he probably didn't want to stay just the deputy in Ogden Marsh the rest of his life, though nothing suggests he's after the sheriff's position.

Russell might also have a problem with a lack of respect. He remarks that the people calling up to the office only want to hear word from the sheriff's mouth, not the deputy. He seems vaguely bitter over that, but nonetheless, he respects the balance of power between the two titles. He'll listen to David without (much) hesitation.

Russell's also a brave guy. He doesn't hesitate to go into an abandoned school that's probably swarming with crazies with David to help him save Judy and he also doesn't have any problem sacrificing himself after he learns that he's sick. He tells David he wants his death to mean something, that's the least he wants.
[orientation] I think I'll have to go with unknown, honestly. In the remake of the movie, there aren't any hints that would give away his preferences and no canon love interest. He doesn't show an interest in any of the women beyond that of maybe friendship. He doesn't show any interest in any of the guys either beyond a close friendship with his sheriff, David Dutten.
[appearance] n/a.
[wish] For David and Judy to make it out of Ogden Marsh to raise their unborn child somewhere safe and normal.
[requested house] Shishu Household.
[misc notes] Russell Clank is infected with the Trixie virus. It causes people to lose their mind, become violently ill and sometimes becoming violent killing machines.

[network post] Uh, hello, I guess. I'm deputy Russell Clank of Pierce County. [he pauses. He's too used to introducing himself like that. How many times had he answered his own house phone with "Pierce County Sheriff's Department"? Too many.]

Anyway, guess I'm, uh, new here. Weird kinda place, huh? [He didn't know much what to say or what to think really.]
[smut drabble] Man, oh, man. Russell closed his eyes tight, biting at his lower lip to keep quiet. His breath came in ragged pants, cheeks flushed a deep red as his hand moved feverishly over his cock. He'd just gotten home, hadn't been able to sleep... this was as good a stress reliever as any. Just him and every filthy, nasty thought he'd ever had.

His free hand gripped tightly at the sheet beneath him as his hips bucked up instinctively. His fingers tightened over the heated weight of his arousal, thumb rubbing the head to collect the fluid there. "Ohh, shit," he muttered thickly, licking suddenly dry lips. He was almost there, could feel it building up.

Felt like his entire body was on fire, burning up from the inside as that pleasure mounted. He gave a needy moan as he twisted his hand just right. Every muscle in his body tensed, straining as that peak was reached awful fast soon after that. The rush washed over him, his body instinctively arched off the bed, and he tried to hang on to the thrills of pleasure as long as he could. He didn't stop rubbing himself off, working his hand fast and hard over his cock until he'd milked everything he could out of it.

"Hoo-fuckin-yah," left his lips in a sigh as he lazily sunk back against the mattress.


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